10 Plants that Attract Positive Energies

10 Plants that Attract Positive Energies

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Plants are fabulous to have in our houses and offices, in vases or pots, as decor. We like to make a space look and feel pretty, and to smell really good. But they have other purposes too and it’s important that you know this. Plants are able to improve the flow of positive energy and ward off any negative energy.


These plants will attract positive energy


Jasmine brings happiness and prosperity in relationships and is known as ‘the couples’ plant’. Keep it in the bedroom for a good positive flow there, or in any rooms where you and your partner spend time. It builds romance and strengthens your relationship spiritually.


Rosemary has many healing and medicinal properties, is good in the kitchen, but also attracts love! Keep it in your home and also pick a few sprigs daily and keep them in your cupboards, handbag and under your pillow. It will strengthen people’s loyalty towards you too.


You may think of this plant as just having thorns and being unfriendly, but it has a job to do. Cactus wards off intruders and it thwarts the negative energy sent your way by malicious people. In the house it can absorb the harmful electromagnetic energy that comes from household appliances. And, they flower once a year and can look beautifully exotic in a house.


Spearmint has several healing qualities, clears not only your sinuses but also the air. It wards off envy and witchcraft, will give you a sense of health and wellbeing and can also attract economic prosperity.


Mint promotes positive energy. It helps with insomnia and calms everyone down around you, including yourself. It is good for communication within the family and for relationships, plus it smells delicious.


Bamboo brings a contemporary and sophisticated feel to a home. Lucky Bamboo promotes positive energy and is said to offer transparency, purity and life. It integrates water and growth and will bring feelings of comfort and calmness and repels jealousy and envy.


Thyme is a purifying plant and eliminate bad vibes in the air. It will help sleep, prevent nightmares and also repels bad energy. It ensures that your home will be protected and you should have a little thyme in all your rooms. It prevents bad vibes and can increase your self-esteem.

Aloe Vera

This plant has amazing healing properties for health, but also protects us from envy and bad luck, brings positive energy, wealth and prosperity. Legend has it that when this plant attracts luck our way it blooms and grows brilliantly, and when it has protected us from bad energy it fades.


This is recommended for offices or studies as it attracts financial prosperity. Use it in the same space where you are working. It also protects from negative energy and shuns people with malicious intent. It also helps sleep and prevents insomnia.


We love these plants and flowers because they are so fresh, gorgeous and decorative. They bring feelings of peace and are recommended to put in rooms where there may be tension or arguments, they promote good moods and relaxation.

Source: www.healthandlovepage.com

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