3 Hindu Simple Remedies To Get Rid Of Gray Hair

3 Hindu Simple Remedies To Get Rid Of Gray Hair

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How to get rid of gray hair?

Ayurvedic medicine and gray hair

Ayurvedic medicine has been recognized worldwide , even to get rid of gray hair through natural remedies and simple. If you are one of those who is trying to combat the problem of premature gray hair , this combination of henna and amla or shikakai with amla will be your best option, there are also other options such as massaging the scalp with onion or oil juice of castor oil, apply a mixture of buttermilk and curry leaf to the scalp and the length of it.

However, many ignore the appearance of gray hair in places until it becomes out of control and leads to panic, looking for costly ways to reduce or cover it but most products are very hard for hair and leather. Since it supports natural remedies enough, this particular is simple and nourishing for your hair and you can get rid of all fear because it contains no harmful chemicals, continue reading.

3 Remedies known in ayurvedic medicine to get rid of gray hair

1. Henna and Amla: Henna is an effective old remedy to get rid of gray hair and promote strong, healthy and dark hair and amla, better known as “Indian gooseberry” rich in vitamin C, and excellent as an antiaging aid to stimulate the scalp to remove dead skin cells.


-Mix in equal parts henna powder and mix with water
-Let stand for 1 hour
-Apply the paste widely on the scalp and towards the length of the hair
-Wait 2 hours
-Wash with a mild shampoo

2. Shikakai and Amla: You can also mix amla with shikakai as it is rich in vitamin C and D, it is a very popular remedy in ayuverdica medicine that renews the life of the hair and reduces the gray color of it. To do it in polo, you must grind the fruit pods but if you get them, buy a packet of organic shikakai powder at some naturist store.


-Add 3 tablespoons of shikakai powder and powdered amla in a bowl of water
-Cover the bowl and let it stand overnight.
-Wash your hair in the morning with this remedy
-Do it once a week

3. Castor oil: the castor oil does wonders on hair, supporting the growth and retains moisture, the antimicrobial properties make the scalp clean.


-Apply castor oil to the scalp and to the length
-Let him act all night
-Wash it first thing in the morning
-Repeat the procedure, once a week

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