3 Simple Ways to Reverse Heel Pain (and keep it away FOREVER)

3 Simple Ways to Reverse Heel Pain (and keep it away FOREVER)

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You may have experienced at some point in time a condition known as Plantar Fasciitis, commonly referred to as jogger’s heel. Jogger’s heel is a condition occasioned by inflammation and subsequent tearing of the ligament that connects your heel to your toes and the resulting excruciating pain that follows.


The plantar fascia provides leverage to your foot. Where it is subjected to considerable stress and strain then a tear may occur leading to plantar fasciitis or jogger’s heel.

This condition is prevalent among athletes like jogger’s or runners. It us also commonly found in the elderly and people who by the nature of their profession are made to stand for long hours everyday, such as security guards.

A sufferer of this condition feels a sharp and some times excruciating pain at the sole of their foot close to the heel. While conventional medicine offer pain killers to help relieve the pain, there is a tendency to become dependent on these medications especially if you experience this condition often.

To avoid medication dependency you can try these three (3) ways that are sure to relieve you of your jogger’s heel problem.

1. Simply give your feet a rest

You can get instant relief by just resting your feet. If your job entails you standing for long hours daily, try to work out a way to take breaks between standing. If you are and athlete ensure you don’t over exert yourself and wear jogging sneakers that offer good short absorption and arch support for your feet. You can also try using heel cups to provide your feet with added comfort.

2. Try and reduce the inflammation

Use an ice poultice or compress to ease the inflammation of your ligaments. You can do this when you get back from work or from a rigorous jogging exercise. Increasing your honey consumption is also known to ease inflammation due to its excellent anti inflammatory properties.

3. Work on improving your flexibility

Working on your flexibility especially before the plantar fasciitis kicks in can go a long way in preventing it’s frequency of occurrence. By trying out simple stretching exercises you can make your plantar fascia mire flexible and avoid ligament inflammation and tear.

Stretching exercises you can adopt
The toe stretch: You should first of all out your foot flat on the floor, ensure that your toes are vertically pointed and facing up. Then you will take hold of your big toe and and gently pull it towards your heel and maintain this posture for about 30 seconds.

Try the calf stretch: You should stand directly in front of a wall, press your hands on the wall. Ensure your hands on the wall are about your eye-level. Then you should place one foot behind another and ensure that the heel of the foot behind is firmly on the ground. Bend your leg that is in front of you until you can feel a stretching strain on your calf muscles. Maintain this posture for about 30 seconds, then repeat for your other leg.

The towel stretching exercise: Put your feet stretched out in front of you as you sit on the floor. Now with a towel under a foot, grab the two ends of the towel with both your hands, ensure your knee is not bent when you pull your foot with the towel towards you. You will instantly stretch your foot, hold this posture for about 30 seconds then repeat on your other foot.

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