5 Common Ailments For Which Garlic Can Assists

5 Common Ailments For Which Garlic Can Assists

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Onion is a natural antibiotic may be considered No. 1, however, no garlic should not be underestimated. Not at all! Experts agree that there are some diseases and conditions that can cure only garlic, without the use of other drugs. Here are five reasons why spirits should always have it in the pantry.

5 Common Ailments For Which Garlic Can Assists

Clogged ears
Creating wax in the ear protects it from infection, but if it is too much, the ears can be blows, and even painful. Now, listen to this: onions cook, a rib into your ear, just do not push deep into the ear canal. Stay overnight with a bow in his ear. Its juice will soften earwax, and you’ll remove it effortlessly.

If baking, cooking or ironing a part of your everyday life, then surely you know what burns. Halve the onion, put it on the burn and the pain will disappear.

The sting wasps or bees
If you are allergic, the sting wasps or bees can be seriously dangerous. Therefore, if this happens, try to stay calm, do not panic. Try to remove the stinger or give someone to do it for you. The injection site, do not press, just izblendirajte an onion, and gently place it at the entry site. The island will disappear.

High temperature
Surely you remember when you were a kid how your grandmother pushing a bow in socks when you were sick? Yes, this is a great natural way to remove the temperature. Try it next time! Next time? Oops … We hope that you will not yet 🙂

The best we left for last. Raw onion is a great ally in expelling toxins from the body, and we are sure that the detoxification onions and cheapest. As spring began, there is no reason not to try it!

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