5 Plants That Can Help You To Take Care Of Your Bone Health

5 Plants That Can Help You To Take Care Of Your Bone Health

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The regular consumption of some infusions can be of great help to alleviate different bone problems, such as inflammation or the action of free radicals in our joints

The bone system is a complex structure whose main function is to provide support and mobility to the body, allowing it to have endless skills.

It is bound by ligaments, tendons and cartilage and, among other things, interferes with the production of red and white blood cells.

In fact, it also acts as storage for a large number of essential nutrients and, therefore, has a lot to do with immune health.

The problem is that it is not exempt from developing diseases and, unfortunately, many external and internal factors can deteriorate it.

As a consequence, they generate strong ailments and inflammatory reactions that, as they progress, significantly affect the quality of life.

However, these conditions can be avoided, since the practice of healthy habits and some natural remedies help to strengthen the bones.

In this opportunity we want to share 7 medicinal plants that, due to their nutritional contribution, are ideal to protect this system.

1. Basil

Basil is a popular herb whose calcium intake is beneficial to bone health.

This essential mineral keeps the bony parts strong and prevents the wear associated with the changes of the aging.

Consume it as added in your salads and soups, or, prepare it in infusion.

2. Alfalfa

Alfalfa sprouts are rich in essential minerals that, after being assimilated in the body, strengthen bone health.

Its anti-inflammatory compounds help to inhibit the negative action of free radicals and, by the way, reduce the risk of developing chronic diseases .

It should be mentioned that it also has estrogen-like effects, which are determinants to avoid loss of bone density.

-This plant can be added in salads and natural juices.
-Optionally found in tablets and supplements.

3. Chamomile

Chamomile is one of the most popular plants within the catalog of alternative natural medicine.

Many take advantage of it for its analgesic and sedative power, ideal to calm common ailments.

What few know is that it is also good for bone health , not only because of its anti-inflammatory power, but also because of its essential mineral content.

Its intake reduces the swelling that affects the mobility and, by the way, lubricates the cartilage and ligaments that bind the bones.

Enjoy the infusion daily, up to 3 times a day.
Use it externally, in baths or compresses, in cases of pain and inflammation.
As you can see, there are several plants whose properties help keep bones strong and protected.

Consume them regularly to take advantage of their properties as a preventive of the diseases that affect them.

4. Dandelion

While dandelion is popular for its diuretic effects , it should be mentioned that it also has nutrients that benefit the health of bones.

It provides minerals such as calcium and magnesium, both necessary to maintain bone density.

Its anti-inflammatory and detoxifying properties improve circulation and help maintain a good production of red and white blood cells.

-Take the infusion plant, maximum 3 times a day.

5. Nettle

One of the benefits of nettle has to do with its ability to protect bone health from the deterioration caused by free radicals in the environment.

The plant contains large amounts of iron, calcium and magnesium, essential minerals that retain strong bones .

To take advantage of its properties we must consume 2 small cups of infusion a day.

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