5 Things That Happen To Our Body When We Don’t Drink Water

5 Things That Happen To Our Body When We Don’t Drink Water

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We all know we should drink at least 8 glasses of plain water every day. With the exception of dehydrating as a direct consequence of not doing this, small number of people know what it actually causes to our organism.


Here’s what happens when we don’t take enough water

1.Low concentration
The research made by the Psychiatric department in the King College in London in 2011, showed that not drinking enough water influences the work of the grey cells in our brain that we need to use for solving something. The people being tested have showed the following: the people that drank lower quantity of water than needed had to try harder to solve the problem, while the ones that had drank enough water solved the problem faster and easier.

2.Burn less calories
Irrespective of the research made by Dr Haward Murad published in his book “The water Secret” in 2010, there is a correlation shown between the metabolism work and the quantity of water we take. There were more calories burnt in the more hydrated organisms. The doctor revealed that the water makes our skin softer, prevents wrinkles and lowers the paleness on our face.

3.eat more
The people that drink two glasses of water before the meal, take 75 to 90 less calories than the people who don’t. The researchers from the American institute Public Health and Water Research made a survey in 2010 on grown up people. The ones that drank water lost 3 kg weight during the three- month research.

4.We are in a bad mood
The American University Tufts made a research in 2009. They asked men and women to do aerobic exercises for one hour with low input of water during the training. They showed classic symptoms of dehydration like tiredness and faint, and the researchers also noticed emotions like angry, depression and tension.

5.We are more subjected to illnesses
The dehydration of the body lowers the functionality of some organs and to the organism as a whole, so it isn’t strange at all that dehydration leads to illness. The people who drink less water easily develop kidney and urine canals problems, than the people who drink enough water.

Source:  explorehealthyfood.com

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