For These 6 Reasons You Should Use Coconut Oil as Toothpaste

For These 6 Reasons You Should Use Coconut Oil as Toothpaste

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Dental cleaning represents one of the most important activities of personal care , several studies have been carried out toothpaste on coconut oil and its many benefits, among them for oral care, have been tested the biocidal properties of coconut oil against The bacteria responsible for dental caries and turned out to be quite efficient for this purpose. To verify its effectiveness a process similar to digestion was carried out where the natural state was treated with enzymes, in the end it was tested against strains of ” streptococcus ” bacteria which are the most common inhabitants in the mouth.

The result of this test demonstrated the efficiency it has , it is able to inhibit the growth of the vast majority of strains of streptococcus bacteria, especially streptococcus mutans , it produces acid and consequently, significant dental caries.

6 reasons why you should use coconut oil as a dental cleaning

1. Harmful chemicals: Like most commercial products, conventional toothpaste like “Colgate Total” has antibacterial chemicals , in the case of this paste it contains one called “triclosan” which has been concerned with concerns about Resistance to antibiotics and endocrine disruption. It is capable of producing: breast, ovary, prostate and testicular cancer, premature and low birth weight babies, precocious puberty in girls and undescended testicles in children. In addition, fluorine is also another chemical harmful to health.

2. Efficient against bacteria that generate cavities : research on the efficiency of coconut oil in dental cleaning, showed that by massaging the gums with this oil for 10 minutes daily for 3 weeks, it will reduce exponentially the decay generated by the bacteria streptococcus Mutans and plaque.

3. Without foaming agents : surfactants are chemicals harmful to health that produce the foaming action on toothpaste but these are precisely the ones that interfere with the function of the taste buds, breaking the phospholipids on the tongue, which is why Which every time you try something after having brushed, you do not feel the taste properly; This is not the case with coconut oil, which is why it is excellent for oral hygiene because it allows and assists the natural balance of lipids in the tongue while still having the antibacterial property.

4. Economical : With only a small amount of coconut oil you can keep your teeth cleaned daily , a bottle of it will last easily for a few months, being cheaper than toothpaste.

5. You can use it on your dog’s teeth as well : some people refuse to brush their teeth with their toothpaste, since they only see it for human use, but coconut oil is far from being so, it is also completely Safe for them as much as for humans . By simply applying it on a small toothbrush, your dog will wear a perfect dental cleaning.

6. Simple to make : toothpaste with coconut oil is extremely easy to make and with so few ingredients, here we leave them:

Coconut oil
Baking soda: acts as an abrasive and helps to whiten teeth. Know the 11 benefits that baking soda brings to your health, here.
-Essential oils: To add flavor to the toothpaste and obtain additional therapeutic benefits, peppermint oil extract, for example, has been shown to be superior to chemical chlorhexidine for mouthwash, it inhibits the formation of biofilm associated with dental cavities .
-Erythritol, xylitol or stevia (optional) are natural sweeteners. Xylitol has been linked to shrinkage of cavities, however, if you plan to give this dog toothpaste, do not add this ingredient because it is toxic to dogs.
-The bentonite clay will give you the pastey consistency to help extract toxins from the gums and tongue
A comprehensive approach to improving your dental cleaning

Toothpastes containing natural ingredients like: baking soda, essential oils, xylitol and others; Are more efficient and safer than conventional toothpastes containing fluoride. Here are some simple and useful tips to optimize your dental health , safely and naturally:

-Avoid fluoridated water and fluorate toothpaste. Use natural fluoride-free products, whether homemade or of any reputed brand.

-It reduces the consumption of sugar and grains, keep fructose consumption to less than 25 grams per day as well as avoiding processed foods.

-Make sure you consume a diet rich in fresh foods, whole foods, fermented vegetables and grass-fed meats, as they will ensure that you are getting numerous minerals vital for strong bones and teeth.

-Practice good oral hygiene and get regular cleanings through a natural, mercury-free dentist. Wash your teeth quickly with a cloth before brushing, it can also help you eliminate the accumulated biofilm.

Finally, remember that nature offers different solutions and completely natural to refresh your breathing, as in the case of chewing fresh parsley, mint, coriander or slices of ginger , using any of these options to improve breathing will eliminate bacteria Which generate bad odors ; Cucumber is also a good option to release excess heat from the stomach, the main cause of bad breath.

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