Alkaline Water With Himalayan Salt And Lemon

Alkaline Water With Himalayan Salt And Lemon

The acidity or alkalinity is determined by the pH factor and everything below 7 is considered dangerous to human health. For acidic environment is considered one that has a pH below 7, while in opposition, it is an alkaline environment.

Alkaline Water With Himalayan Salt And Lemon

The pH which is entered in the body is extremely important because of the consequences it has on the state of the organism, so you should try to spring him only the best.

Because we are not always able to, here is alkaline water, which is a real cure if you want to purge toxins and prevent cancer.

Here’s how you alone can do this elixir of health in a very simple way!


2 liters of bottled water
1 lemon (preferably organic)
1 teaspoon Himalayan salt

Simply take a clean glass jar and fill with water. Add lemon that you have previously isechkale, not procedile. If you do not use organic lemon, remove the rind.

Then add the salt, close the jar and allow the contents to stand for about 12 hours at room temperature.


In the morning on an empty stomach drink 3 glasses of alkaline water. With this start of the day, your body will be both grateful and positive effects is impossible not to notice.

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