You Should Apply This Natural Remedies For Burns

You Should Apply This Natural Remedies For Burns

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The first step to take when it has burned is to immerse the burned part in cold water. Burns usually occur by boiling water, hot oil or fat, the oven or the sun.

If burns are first-degree burns (simple burns) may show redness of the skin and swelling.

Usually for this type of burns it is not necessary to go to the doctor (unless it is an area bigger than the size of the hand) since they can be attended at home.

For second or third degree burns that are deeper, medical care is advised.

Home Remedies for Burns

1.Cold water
Immediately place the burn under the stream of cold water for 20 minutes. If you do not have water you can use cold milk.

2.Cover and protect
Cover the burn with a cold water cloth and secure with a gauze. The bandage should not be tight.

Do not pop them. Clean carefully and apply an antiseptic cream.

Dip a paper bag in white vinegar and apply it on the burn.

5.Apple Vinegar
Apply a gauze soaked in apple cider vinegar over the burn.

6.To relieve a burn
Immerse the affected area in water with olive oil and sea salt.

Put mushrooms in tajaditas on the burn. Relieves pain and helps heal.

8.Aloe vera
gel Unite the gel of a piece of fresh aloe vera. But first the aloe gel must be thoroughly washed to remove the iodine. This will keep the lesion free of bacteria, in addition to reducing the pain.

9.Mustard to relieve burns
A friend of mine who worked at McDonald’s says that the best remedy for burns is mustard. She says that whenever she burned making chips, she resorted to mustard. Apply mustard from which they sell for sandwiches abundantly over the burn.
10. Infusion of chamomile, marigold tea or elderberry flowers
Make an infusion of well-concentrated chamomile , marigold tea or elderflower flowers. Cool and apply compresses on the burn with a cotton cloth.

11. Honey
Introduce honey into the burn. It will help heal faster, heal better and lessen pain. (Only for minor burns)

12. Sodium Bicarbonate and Olive
Oil Mix a baking soda with olive oil. Relieves pain and helps heal faster. (Only for minor burns)

13. Lavender oil
If the burn is not very severe, apply lavender oil to prevent the formation of a blister. (Only for minor burns)

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