Are You Aware Of What You Eat If Cooked In Aluminum Foil

Are You Aware Of What You Eat If Cooked In Aluminum Foil

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Note, do not use aluminum foil for cooking too often – you avoid it as much as you can!

Are You Aware Of What You Eat If Cooked In Aluminum Foil

You think that aluminum foil is safe and has been used in folk medicine for many needs. It is multifunctional.

For aluminum nobody thinks that can damage health, although aware that certain amounts contained in water, food, air …

Aluminum poisoning is a serious problem today

When daily body is exposed to more and more aluminum, then accumulate in the body. Although the body has the amazing power to samoprochistuva of toxins and heavy metals, however, and the healthiest body has its limits.

Over time, aluminum is deposited in bones, organs and other body tissues. Mount Sinai Hospital disclosed that aluminum poisoning is a very serious problem.
Early signs of poisoning aluminum include muscle weakness, bone pain, seizures and confusion. In children this poisoning can cause retarded growth and development.

Aluminum poisoning can cause even more serious problems, such as diseases of the brain, nervous system, anemia and problems with the lungs.

The studies reveal that exposure to aluminum in embryonic development can cause deformities and developmental abnormalities.

Where can I find aluminum?

If you consume too much aspirin, medicines and multivitamins, you are at risk to accumulate too much aluminum in the body. In addition, aluminum daily by the diet and many dishes are made from aluminum.
In the process of cooking and food storage, the metal penetrates into the food. Exposure to aluminum increases if you work in an area which is contained.

How to protect yourself from aluminum?

In a rare and little exposure to aluminum, our body perfectly relief. But as it is, it must be avoided why sometimes we are not even aware of its exposure.

Buy food and foods that are packaged in aluminum foil, and if you cook food in aluminum, immediately after the end of cooking, transfer the food into another container.

Do not leave food sealed in aluminum foil (use plastic).

Avoid processed and canned foods. Eat freshly cooked meals

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