Believe It Or Not, You Can Turn Your Grey Hair Back To Its Original Color Naturally. Here’s The Study Worth Knowing About..

Believe It Or Not, You Can Turn Your Grey Hair Back To Its Original Color Naturally. Here’s The Study Worth Knowing About..

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We all dread from grey hair: stress and genetic genes are the biggest reasons responsible for premature graying. All the scientists and researchers have shown that in most cases the culprit to why your hair turns grey is the catalase enzymes. The National Business Review claims that we provide less catalase enzyme as the body ages which additionally result in fast aging. When the levels of the enzyme catalase are falling, the process actually begins. The lack of this enzyme means that hydrogen peroxide can not be broken which naturally occurs in hair. In this situation your hair is turning grey because the hydrogen peroxide builds up in the hair.


The institute of Genetics and Cytology in 2006 discovered that DNA damage and oxidative stress could be lowered by antioxidant enzymes. This amazing research also proved that dietary supplements for boosting the activity of catalase in the liver mitochondria in animals slowed down the process of aging and led to reduced mitochondrial dysfunction.

Wheatgrass to Reverse Grey Color

Wheatgrass is extremely rich in Catalase and other powerful antioxidants. It is able to slow the entire aging process and revere grey color. By rejuvenating the cells, it slows down the entire aging process.

Full of live enzymes, nutrients, chlorphyll, vitamins and amino acids wheatgrass is superfood of the 21 century. The molecular structure of our blood and wheatgrass are very similar which means that our bodies absorb these powerful nutrients instantly. Wheatgrass is strong detoxifying and cleansing agent. It cures many types of blood disorders, provides boost in your energy levels and has large amounts of protein. Overall, wheatgrass contains 92 minerals and 19 amino acids that enable the organism to function at its best levels.

Wheatgrass to Reverse Grey Hair – How to Use it

You can simply turn your grey hair to its natural color by regular consumption of wheatgrass. Consume a glass of wheatgrass juice per day. It can also be consumed by adding it as a powder to your smoothies and food.

Wheatgrass Hair Conditioner

Take and cut the green leaves of fresh wheatgrass into pieces and place them into a juicer.

– Wash the hair and then apply wheatgrass juice on your scalp

– Let it act for 5 min and then wash it off.

Have a nice day and enjoy the natural color of your hair


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