We All Have Bent Neck Area – Here is What You Have To Do

We All Have Bent Neck Area – Here is What You Have To Do

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In older people can neck is so much to distort and resulting in their pain, maintaining the head in an upright position – causing difficulties. Therefore, it is every day to do these exercises.

We All Have Bent Neck Area - Here Is What You Have To Do

Almost no one in the world in which his neck standing as would naturally, and it is a consequence of prolonged sitting, looking at computer, phone, and a consequence of aging itself. Because of some age it is necessary to start with some exercises that will return your neck in a natural position.

Dr. Paul Moore, a chiropractor in their video clips explaining the causes and consequences of krivenjeto neck, and most importantly gives practical advice about what to do.

Here we present you the most important exercise to recover the neck or maintaining its natural position.
All you have to do is a single movement, but pay attention to all the details. Stand erect, but relaxed, in a position that you feel the natural. Then do the next move – lift your head up, chin pull towards you across your chest and around his neck and head easily move them to the back so that your ears to be on a level with the shoulders, as Dr Moore shows footage.

In the following video you can see how it looks footage neck standing correctly, ie natural position of the spine.

And here it reflected the position of the spine when the neck is lowered, as the previous exercise we want to avoid.

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