Best 5 Natural Remedies For Headache

Best 5 Natural Remedies For Headache

Migraine most common type of headache bothers a large percentage of young and middle-aged. This is why we accept no easy task and explore the natural remedies really help with headaches, but who do not. Here are the list of those who act. First things first.

 Best 5 Natural Remedies For Headache

Natural Remedies for Headache 1 – AROMATHERAPY

Aromatherapy (alternative branch of medicine that uses the healing properties of essential oils) is certainly one of the most effective natural response to a headache. The following plants and their essential oils solve your headaches:

Essential oils can mix with each other, and you can use them separately (only peppermint, lavender only …). Experimentation you will find that the smell of your best work.

Where to buy essential oil?

There are manufacturers of essential oils that sell poor, poor quality oil or even oils which are added artificial fragrances. We can not tell you which manufacturers sell high-quality oil, but we can tell you that a cheap essential oils are usually not good quality so we suggest you do not save when buying oil because the differences are large. Mostly in the grocery store end up poorer quality essential oils. There are specialized shops of essential oils (in Croatia there are several) to keep an eye on the quality of essential oils.

Try …

Put 5 drops of essential oil in 1 dl warm water. The solution soak a soft cloth (or tissue) and soaked cloth put on the head or forehead.


It is well known that physical activity reduces pain due to secretion of hormones endorphins. It is less known that physical activity is more effective in the reduction of pain if the pain caused by migraine. Easy walk will significantly reduce your headache. Only the brave, even when you have a headache walk. You will feel the improvement. Just make sure that you do not exaggerate because if you sweat and get tired, you can achieve the opposite effect, an even worse headache.

Try …

half-hour walk every day as a preventive solution and a short walk in the fresh air when you feel the onset of migraine (walking indoors, around the table in the living room, does not count). If you have a mountain nearby, then try hiking.

NATURAL headache 3 – MASSAGE

When you have already purchased essential oils to try our first tip, here’s another great way to use them, a massage. Massage relaxes and stimulates, but the most important element of the massage is touch. A touch can cure a lot of weight and condition of migraine.

Try (with or without essential oils) …

Let someone points fingers pressed to his head. Pressure lasts a few seconds, it is followed by a pause of a few seconds, then back pressure. Touch will alleviate headaches. Of course, a thorough massage of the head and neck is even better solution. If you do not have someone on hand to massage your head you can massage it themselves. Use the thumb and index finger, squeeze the head in two points and hold it for a few seconds while releasing the pressure.

A foot massage can also significantly alleviate the headache, try.


The change of the surface temperature of the body and leads to other changes. If you suffer from headaches, short-term changes in temperature can stop her. If you do not have a headache, it is not impossible that you will be due to changes in temperature begin to hurt, just so you know. For some people, to relieve migraine helps a cold shower, and some warm shower. You need to try and figure out what you helps, but we ask you to avoid extremes, do not take a shower in ice or in a hot water, at least not to begin with. Many helps wrap your head in a cold towel. It also helps many people dip hands in warm water (do not just say that forces you to wash the dishes).


Headaches can have many causes, probably more than any other symptom. Everything that happens in life can cause a headache. That’s why it is so hard to find a good remedy for headaches because every headache may have another cause.
Waking up at the same time every day – Going to bed and waking up in the morning to be at the same time every day. Irregular sleeping, one day more, but a few days less, but for a weekend almost all (or the opposite, sleep all weekend), will almost certainly lead to headaches. That’s why he introduced the term “weekend headache” because the people who are the week rise early, and then for a long weekend sleep, suffer from migraines.
Moderate intake of caffeine – coffee relieves headache, but if you are accustomed to coffee then her lack of cause headache. Drink up to two cups of coffee a day, not more. Read more »coffee
Lightweight, low-fat food – Greasy and heavy food is another trigger headaches.

And another natural remedy – WATER

Did you know that dehydration is one of the more common causes of headache? The moment when we feel thirst may mean that we are already dehydrated. Therefore, you should drink about 2 liters of water a day.

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