The Best Home Remedies For Instant Cough Relief

The Best Home Remedies For Instant Cough Relief

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Most of the time the cough is not a serious symptom and can be alleviated with some home remedies. The most common cause of cough is the cold and the flu .

These viruses inflame and irritate the upper respiratory tract and most often produce mucus.

If your cough is productive , do not try to stop it since the body is getting rid of the mucus by this means. If the cough is dry you will want to relieve throat and tingling.

You can do cough relief, do not eliminate it

As uncomfortable as coughing, it is not advisable to stop it altogether. Coughing is a defense of the immune system to expel microbes, dust, chemicals and other irritants . In other cases it also serves to remove foreign objects such as food particles or liquids that have been left by the “wrong place”.

Before treating a cough you should consider the cause. If it is due to an allergy, the allergen must be removed and the cough will be relieved. But if it is because of a virus like the cold, you should not try to suppress the cough altogether. The idea is to relieve it so that it is not so uncomfortable but let the immune system use its weapons to defend itself, which in this case would be cough.

Important: Honey should never be given to a child under one year of age. It is not recommended to use any cough remedy in children under 6 years.

What is it for cough relief

1. Soups to dilute mucus secretions

The chicken soup did not earn its reputation for free as it is actually very good for relieving colds including coughing. You can add a little garlic and ginger to strengthen the immune system . Another very good soup to relieve the cough because it reduces phlegm, it is the barley soup.

2. Vick’s VapoRub

One popular remedy to relieve cough is Vicks VapoRub commercial ointment . Give yourself a massage on the soles of your feet with this ointment before bedtime, put on stockings and go to sleep! It has been said that if Vicks BabyRub is used this remedy is safe for babies and children as well. Check with your pediatrician to make sure.

3. Spicy pepper to expel phlegm

Another option is to make a mixture of two tablespoons of lemon with one of honey and add a pinch of spicy pepper. This will help you to expel phlegm.

4. Mustard poultice

Mix one part mustard powder with two parts flour. Add water little by little to form a paste. Untela on a napkin and fold in half. Apply petroleum jelly to protect the skin and apply the poultice. If skin irritates, remove immediately.

5. Honey with lemon

A very popular remedy for cough is to mix lemon juice and honey and ingest it slowly by day.

6. Coca-Cola

In a cup with Coke put a few pieces of onion and boil for three minutes. Take before bedtime. Legend has it that the recipe for Coca-Cola was initially a cough syrup, although many have said that it is just that, a legend, but nothing is lost with trying. On the other hand, onion has been used for many years as a natural cough remedy.

7. Horseradish syrup for cough

Blend 10 radishes in a cup of lemon juice and 1/2 cup of water. Strain and add 8 oz of honey. Simmer for half an hour. Take three tablespoons every four hours.

8. Vibration

Lie on your stomach and ask someone to tap your back from the lower back to the nape of your neck.

9. For dry cough

6 dates and 1/2 liter of milk. Open the dates and bring to the boil in the milk for 25 minutes over low heat. Take three cups a day.

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