The Best Natural Remedy For Cholesterol and Triglycerides

The Best Natural Remedy For Cholesterol and Triglycerides

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This natural remedy for cholesterol and triglycerides is recommended for those who already have a long problem with excess fat in the blood, but also people who are completely healthy – as prevention.

Increased cholesterol today is considered one of the biggest and most common problems of modern man.


Too much sitting in front of a monitor, constantly watching TV, lack of sports and recreation, less movement during the day, a bad choice and combination of foods, a diet high in harmful trans acids, are some of the causes of increased lipid levels.

They are very dangerous to our health because it causes problems with blood circulation, due to numerous complications that can result in clogging of veins, so to heart attack or stroke, and consequently even death.

Below you can read an extremely natural remedy for cholesterol that will certainly help, but only if you are firmly decided to change your life eating habits.

Learn how to make this light lemon and parsley, which proved to be very effective for cleaning the blood vessels from harmful deposits. this natural cure for cholesterol is recommended to all those who have problems with blood circulation in the legs.


-3 liters of water
-1 kg of organic lemon
-1 bag of baking soda
-5-6 bunches parsley


Wash the lemon in cold water. then dip it in warm water and sprinkle baking soda. Leave at least an hour to soften lemon.

Once again rinse and chop it finely as you can with bark, or grind it in a blender.

Do the same with parsley: good wash it and chop finely with stalks or grind it in a blender.

Lemon and parsley place them in a large bowl (Sherpa) and pour three gallons of water and cook on low heat for 2-3 hours, until ingredients are nicely cooked and tender.

Then strain the liquid and medicated syrup store it in glass bottles or jars. Usually gets about 1.5 liter.

Store in refrigerator.

This natural remedy for cholesterol and triglycerides are consumed every day in a small wicker cup, preferably in the morning, while you are se’ushte ate breakfast on an empty stomach.

Treatment is carried out just 14 days.

Mandatory- after this therapy do blood tests to identify the values before and after treatment.

Experiences with this drink are great.

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