“Break The Wrinkles” Cream Is The Most Popular Cream In The Woman World These Days!

“Break The Wrinkles” Cream Is The Most Popular Cream In The Woman World These Days!

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No one can escape from wrinkles, that is no secret to anyone. Nowadays people have been using various creams, methods, techniques and cosmetic treatments to deal with this. Learn how to do it in the easiest and simplest way with this technique.

So as we age, we see many things, some positive and some negative. For many people the changes in our physical appearance are the biggest challenges, every time we grow older we get wrinkles in our face, and we lose our youth and beauty in our skin.

However, it is very important that you follow all the advice to the letter because all the steps are important and if you skip any you will not get the same results.

This wrinkles cream has been used by my sister and my mother for more than 2 years and they are always young and without imperfections in their face and body.

In fact, using face creams do not give us the results we want, in addition this method is very expensive, so today we will show you how to make your own facial cream for wrinkles.

This incredible recipe is very effective and beneficial for the skin, since it hydrates us, diminishes wrinkles and decreases the aging process of the skin. This cream is made from natural ingredients. Also, it is good for all skin types.

Ingredients :

-2 teaspoons of pharmaceutical vaseline
-1 tablespoon of olive or almond oil
-1 egg yolk
-1 teaspoon of honey

Preparation and use of wrinkles cream:

You just have to vaporize the Vaseline for several minutes until it melts, then take the vaseline from the fire, add the rest of the ingredients, then you just have to mix all the ingredients well for a few minutes until it becomes homogeneous. If you like you can store the mixture in a container of another face cream.

But, before applying this cream you must clean your skin well. Put the cream gently and massage in a circular way. Wait 30 minutes and then remove the cream with the help of a cotton ball drowned in mineral water or with a wet towel.

Note : you should only use this cream 2 hours before sleep, because the cream needs more than an hour to perform well on the skin.

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