Castor Oil

Castor Oil

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Internal use: castor oil is very useful because it thoroughly cleanses the intestine after a single dose and creates Semi capital within 2-8 hours of taking.

Castor Oil

The oil is neutral and reassuring until you come to the intestines, and until you develop-enzyme lipase after freeing irritant ricinoteichna acid. It stimulates all hoses and thus purified. The oil lubricates and getting easy chair without strain that can cause other purgatives. Because goodness castor oil is suitable for all ages, the normal dose is 5-15 ml for adults and children 5 ml (not to exceed the dose!) … ..

External use: castor oil soothes and absorbed into the skin. It softens hard skin on the hands and feet, facilitates the removal of greasy tissue swelling. If pipetting into the eyes, soothes irritation and pain when the eye foreign body penetrated. It’s great for your hair because it stimulates growth and improves the quality of hair. Put a tablespoon of oil to your hair before washing, so will refresh, and if you rub into the scalp will cure him reduce dandruff and hair loss.

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