Why Did The It Comes To Clogging Of Blood Vessels

Why Did The It Comes To Clogging Of Blood Vessels

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Blood clots are formed when there is damage to the lining of blood vessels, artery or vein. Damage may be obvious, such as cuts or lacerations, or may not be visible to the naked eye.

Why Did The Clogging Of Blood Vessels

The blood of the place starts to clot if they did not move, so the stagnation occurs or diseases caused by blood clots.

Venous thrombosis

Venous thrombosis occurs when a person is immobilized so muscles can not contract and return blood back to the heart. This stagnation of blood begins to form small lumps along the walls of the veins.

This initial clot may gradually grow to a partial or complete blockage or blocking the venous blood and thus prevent from returning to the same heart.

Analogy naovoj process bavnareka.So during vremetoalgipochnuvaatda are akumuliraatpo along the banks River, where water techepobavno.

Gradually, as the dregs of weeds began to grow, and narrows the center of the river, because it can not withstand the pressure of the water coming.

Arterial thrombosis

Blood clots in the arteries arise due to different mechanisms. In those with atherosclerotic disease and deposits formed on the walls of the artery, which tend to rise, causing narrowing of the vessel. This process may cause:
-heart attack,
-Brain stoke  or
-Perifery artery disease.

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