Do You Often Have Herpes? Here Is Why!

Do You Often Have Herpes? Here Is Why!

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Between 80 and 90% of the population have herpes simplex virus type 1 (HSV – 1), but all do not get sick.
Will appear or not depends on whether there was a specific gene mutation, according to researchers from Scotland’s University of Edinburgh.


Only a quarter suffer from problems or frequent changes of the lips and around them that look like herpes from a cold.
With the analysis of the blood of people with herpes, it was established mutation of the gene IL28b, whose body has not been able to give adequate immune response.

Why does it appear?
It is known that most people carry the herpes virus, but less known why some have symptoms and not others.

The discovery that gene mutates IL28b – is very important because it is linked to the treatment of hepatitis C. If he mutated patients are less likely to react positively to treatment.

In addition, our research shows that genetic mutations may be associated with various viruses – emphasizes Professor Dr. Jürgen Haas, a member of the research team.

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