Effective Home Remedies For Infections Of Intimate Zones Of Women

Effective Home Remedies For Infections Of Intimate Zones Of Women

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The vulvovaginitis is caused by the fungus Candida albicans , which is present in all bodies, is controlled by the immune system and the acid of the vaginal PH in the case of women, however when a hormonal alteration arises, unprotected sexual contact , early menopause , and diabetes the level of PH is unbalanced and that is when the fungus multiplies excessively.

This type of infection presents with itching in the vagina, abundant flow and of bad smell, inflammation of the vaginal lips and redness of the vulva, burning and pain when urinating and having sexogenitales relations. Mother Nature presents us with countless plants as home remedies that can help us to alleviate these symptoms or eliminate them, usually a previous visit to the gynecologist is recommended, but before that you can try home remedies for women’s intimate areas like the following.

Boldo Leaves : has anti-inflammatory effects and properties that prevent infections caused by bacteria, viruses and parasites. Take one or two glasses a day of a tea of ​​boldo leaves.

Calenddula : it is used to prevent thefemale intimate infections , to boil a little marigold in two glasses of water and to leave to rest when it has warmed a washing of the vaginal zone with the water.

Garlic : A paste should be made with two large ground garlic , and placed on the outside of the affected area, very carefully since penetrating the vagina could cause a lot of burning. Let stand for 5 minutes and wash with plenty of water.

Tea tree oil : with a few drops mixed with the water in the bath, give yourself a bath. This oil will help to deflate and eliminate bacteria.

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