Your Face Will Glow In Just Few Days – 12 Natural Ways Which Can Easily Help You With Scars, Acne And Wrinkles

Your Face Will Glow In Just Few Days – 12 Natural Ways Which Can Easily Help You With Scars, Acne And Wrinkles

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Check out these 12 ingredients which will do wonders for your face, from removing scars and acnes to total face cleanse.


1.Aloe Vera – it is well known that aloe is great for treating burns but many people do not know that this herb is also good for removal of scars. Due to this herb, your skin will glow and the scars will be reduced to maximum.

2.Cucumber – The mask from cucumber is great for exemption of acnes. Just cut the cucumber and place it on your face.

3.Tomato – tomato juice is great for your skin. Apply tomato juice on your face and see the change.

4.Baking soda – baking soda’s crystals are slightly larger which makes them ideal for piling. Natural and useful.

5.Honey – This commodity will do wonders for your skin. Apply raw natural honey on your skin in form of mask.

6.Coconut oil – coconut oil can greatly assist in skin care. Place this ingredient yon your face for nice appearance.

7.Juice from potato – juice from potato is the last thing that falls on your mind while you think about juice from vegetables but, yes this juice exists and is full of vitamins which makes it great for skin.

8.Lemon – scars from acne are white and lemon has capacity to bleach. It will maximally reduce the visibility of the scar.

9.Olive oil – olive oil same as coconut oil has many advantages for the whole human body, especially for the skin.

10.Vitamin E – these capsules can be used in two ways: by drinking them regularly and to open them and directly apply them on your skin. Also, you can apply them on both ways.

11.Rosehip oil – rosehip is rich in fatty acids and is excellent for the skin. It may be the best of all oils because it does not leave greasy trace.

12.Massage your skin with sugar – Sugar is great for piling and will remove all the dead skin cells and will make your skin soft, smooth and shiny.

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