How Do You Grow a New Tooth For 9 Weeks – A New Discovery!

How Do You Grow a New Tooth For 9 Weeks – A New Discovery!

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New research shows that multiple growing teeth from one root is doable. The finding raises hope that people will learn how to regenerate teeth.

How Do You Grow a New Tooth For 9 Weeks - A New Discovery

Everybody knows about the existence of dental implants that facilitate our lives and that much we use. They are an excellent solution for filling the gaps that occur after tooth extraction or more of them.

Experts in the field of dentistry have made many discoveries, so there was quite a dramatic development in the technology of dental implants that go far beyond the classic implants and prostheses.

These new discoveries and develop our offer opportunity for growth in new and original tooth in the oral cavity.

The survey was conducted by Columbia University lead researcher Jeremy Mao, was discovered something amazing.

Dr. Jeremy Mao made “scaffolding” for teeth which contains stem cells. By using DNA, he was able to carry out the regeneration of new teeth. The discovery of modern technology promises a bright future when it comes to dental services.

Possible problems with dental implants

As mentioned above, dental implants are quite edostaven way that can replace one or more teeth zagumeni.

However, no matter how good they represent replacement, however, it is possible for them to lead to certain problems and complications. These complications are most common among those implants that can cause:

-isfrlanje implants by the body or rejection of the implant
-can cause infections, which must be removed
-can cause damage to gum if your dentist does not have enough experience
-can cause chronically ill pockets that cause bad breath in the mouth

These are the most common complications with implants that cause pain and wasted time and money.

Offense teeth – advantages

Do you think there is a way through which you can avoid the long, painful process of extracting teeth? The answer is – yes, because modern technology the chance to develop new teeth in just nine weeks.

The study, published in the journal Nature, scientists from the institute RIKEN and their collaborators at the University of Medicine and Dentistry in Tokyo say their “technology for regeneration of teeth is based on the division of the tooth germ” and the separation of a special zone for the formation of tooth through the application of mechanical force.
In translation, it is a change in the function of the tooth germ, which is a miniature inception in root and through which proteins transmit instructions to cells to cluster and form a tooth.
Scientists have experimented with splitting of the tooth germ of mice. As part of the experiment, the team managed to raise a whole bunch of healthy teeth.

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