Grow Organic Garlic At Home! Here Are The Steps Of Doing It!

Grow Organic Garlic At Home! Here Are The Steps Of Doing It!

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Organic Garlic is one of the most used condiments in the kitchen and also has antibiotic properties and so is an ingredient in many home remedies. The good news is that it grows very easily so we can grow it at home in a simple and economical way.

Garlic contains nitrogenous substances, minerals such as sodium, selenium, calcium, potassium and magnesium, phosphoric acid, in addition to vitamin C, D and B, phytosterols and essential oils. It also contains phytoncides, such as allicin, many of these components are activated by destroying the plant which means that to enjoy them it is necessary to crush the garlic.

The antibiotic and antifungal properties of garlic are found in allicin, this element is essential to combat fungal and viral and bacterial diseases. By simply ingesting one grain of garlic a day we will elevate our defenses and our immune system.


Element to use:

-The Organic garlic (choose an optimal garlic head)
-Soil for Plants
-A flower pot


-Take the pot and fill it with dirt;

-Take the garlic and separate the teeth;

-Place each tooth in the pot vertically, burying it an inch;

-Put your teeth some distance between them so they grow baggy;

-Cover your teeth with an extra inch of soil.

-Placing the pot in an area where the sun reaches you, regulate the pot when you see that it is drying, the care is the same as any other home plant. You will grow some leaves, these must prune them when they arrive in about 3 or 4 inches until they dry them turning brown. When this happens you should find a garlic completely formed under each plant, remove them. You can take one of this garlic and start the process again. Will have Garlic for a lifetime!

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