From This Herb Almost All Women Gets Pregnant!

From This Herb Almost All Women Gets Pregnant!

“Pine uterus / maternica” (hilly Shumen, queen-mother; lat.Orthilia secunda) is miraculous herb that grows in the regions of Western and Eastern Siberia, Ukraine, Belarus and some other areas of this part of the world and that Russians believe that cure all female diseases.
From This Herb Almost All Gets Pregnant!
The name of the herb actually describes the properties that have written ancient herbalists.

Internet forums are full of comments in which women claim that this herb has helped, even when conventional medicine has demonstrated success.

“Pine uterus a miracle. Once I had a miscarriage, husband and I waited seven years baby. Doctors could not help us, and the cause could not be found. I drank tea from pine and uterus 37 years ago I became a mother of a lovely girl … ”

“I had endometriosis and fibroids, doctors advised me to have a surgery … I drank tea from pine uterus and control doctors remained in shock – were missing fibroids, endometriosis had more …”

Those are just some examples where Russians testify on the forums that this herb has helped in many cases was salutary.

However, pine uterus for centuries used in Russian folk medicine, and is believed to cure at least 40 diseases. There are anti, anti-cancer and anti-microbial action. A good analgesic and diuretic.

It is used to treat infertility, endometriosis, adhesions, polycystic ovaries, menstrual disorders or painful menstrual cikulusi, fibroids, uterine, ovarian inflammation and relieves all other inflammatory processes in the urogenital tract, regulates hormonal imbalance … especially helps with cystitis, and it is effective for healing of wounds, healing hemorrhoids … besides, cure and immunity …

Of pine uterus to prepare teas and tinctures, and also a common ingredient in many herbal blends. Very often confused with another Russian herb – Krasnaya roam here (root of “Red Brush”), which is also very effective in gynecological symptoms.

If consumed properly, contraindications, such as herbalists claim, almost none, except in certain cases it is possible to individual sensitivity. However, tea pine uterus should be drunk sparingly, carefully and with pauses.

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