Honey And Diabetes

Honey And Diabetes

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Diabetes ( “diabetes”) is a disorder of carbohydrate metabolism, and sugar. In addition to sugar, the secondary may be affected in the breakdown of fats, proteins, excessive excretion of urine and the like.

Honey And Diabetes

Diabetes is caused by a genetic disease; the genesis of “help” and obesity, atherosclerosis, mental disorders (stress), but primarily due to the wrong diet. The main cause of the disease is the lack of, or inadequate secretion of insulin blockage. Insulin secreted pancreas (pancreas), and its deficiency causes the accumulation of sugar in the blood (more than 9 g / l), and its excretion in the urine.

The symptoms of diabetes are: strong thirst, increased appetite, increased urination; fatigue, headache, purulent processes in the skin, hair loss, impotence and so on.

Diabetic patients; unless disturbed metabolism of sugar, protein and fat, consequently suffering the loss of trace elements. Namely, there are especially important mineral ions of the following: magnesium, zinc, chromium.

Magnesium is a cofactor of various enzymes of glycolysis (breakdown of sugar), and its deficiency leads to, among other things, to the retinopathies and vision loss.

Zinc activates the action of insulin and helps his collected over the extracellular fluid (CSF)

Chrome ‘keeps’ insulin, ie. The resistance, and helps its binding to receptors. Therefore, no chromium ions, insulin could be translated sugar molecules into the cell.

Basic and very often a question of diabetics is: “Can I eat between” ?!

As we know, during contains an abundance of glucose and fructose, ie. Sugar.

There are numerous studies on decommissioning (metabolism) of fructose in healthy as well as sick people. In particular, we are making significant research scientist at Harvard University (USA), who concluded:
Increased consumption of food, with fructose, leading to high levels of triglycerides in the blood. Triglycerides are the cause of a bad cholesterol (VLDL), which causes atherosclerotic changes and infarction.
Fruit, especially apples reduces the risk of heart attack by as much as 6%, and preferably are foods for diabetics.
As we know, an essential component of fruit is fructose, or fruit sugar!

How to distinguish said the controversy?

Research has been conducted with the food which is added to “clean”, fructose. Fruit is a complex foods containing ballast substances, abundant mineral ions, herbal antibiotics, fruit acids, especially ß-carotene (an important participant in immunology) and so on. All of these components of fruits, act synergistically (multiplying effects of each substance).

Between the, compared to the fruit, and even more complex Concentration of the product. All components of honey enriched our metabolism to important, vital, substances. Furthermore, glucose from honey is an excellent detoxifier and liver activator. And, the liver is the central organ of our metabolism. Only healthy liver implement desirable, healthy processes within us. Diabetic patients are those processes permanently disturbed.

Therefore, diabetics must take up to 50 g of honey / day (approximately 160 kcal or 660 kJ) in small doses. During roller melt in your mouth, and then swallow. (It must be allowed time to enzymes from saliva, begin to disintegrate during, especially sugars.).

Certainly, the amount of honey – the number of kilocalories or kcal, it must respect the diabetic diet – total, allowed, caloric intake.

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