Do You Know What Happens If You Eat Too Many Nuts?

Do You Know What Happens If You Eat Too Many Nuts?

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If they are consumed in normal amounts, the walnuts, hazelnuts and walnuts are very healthy. But in exaggerated amounts of consume they may harm your health and have backfired effect.


Recommended daily dose is about one hand of amount. When this is overused here is what might happen:

You will gain weight – many scientific studies have shown that nuts can help in weight loss. It applies only if they are used in small amounts. If you enter more than the recommended dose you may gain some extra weight. They are healthy but be careful because they are rich in fat.

Your hair and nails may become brittle and they may cause inflammation or muscle pain. These symptoms come as sign of selenium poisoning and can occur as a result of excessive consumption of nuts. This is very rarely occurs so stick to one hand per day use.

Can cause problems with digestion – After eating them you will feel fully filled. That occurs most often as a result of phytates and tannins, compounds that can impede the digestion. For avoiding this feeling also stick to the recommended daily intake of these tasty ingredients.

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