Lavender Lemonade To Remove Headaches And Anxiety

Lavender Lemonade To Remove Headaches And Anxiety

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Let’s face it, you probably all suffer occasional headaches, and anxiety is the third most common mental health problem in the world. In most cases, we treat these issues with medications prescribed by doctors, although they can sometimes be beneficial, often these do not provide the relief they are supposed to owe.

However, anxiety and headaches can also be treated with natural remedies, which offer the same, or even better effects, and do not cause side effects, unlike drugs.

This lavender lemonade that not only successfully addresses both issues, but also has a delicious taste.


Lavender oil is one of the most potent natural oils and provides numerous health and wellness benefits. Its chemically complex structure consists of more than 150 active ingredients. In addition, it has antibacterial, antimicrobial, detoxifying and antiseptic properties.

Researchers in Florida have discovered that the benefits of lavender oil include reducing anxiety and lowering heart rate in nursing students who take stressful tests. And in hospital environments, lavender aromatherapy has been shown to decrease pain before surgery and be more relaxing than massage or just rest.

Lavender essential oil has medicinal properties also in addition to those mentioned above, it has been shown to reduce depression, improve insomnia and relieve labor pains . And anecdotal evidence suggests that lavender oil benefits those with headaches, even those that come from the hangover, eliminates congestion and relieves pain.

Here’s how you should prepare this tasty lavender lemonade:


1 tablespoon organic honey
-A drop of lavender essential oil (lavender for cooking)
-The juice of 1 organic lemon
-8 ounces of purified water

Preparation method:

This amazing lavender lemonade is extremely easy to prepare. All you need to do is mix all your ingredients. Then pour into a glass and add a few ice cubes. A single glass of this will be enough to feel much better.

Enjoy this natural drink, and successfully relieves headache and anxiety!


-Mix 5 to 6 drops of lavender essential oil to your bath water if you have dry skin.
-Spread 10 to 12 drops of lavender in the air during your workday to relieve natural stress.
-Add 2 drops of lavender per ounce of your slightly perfumed, unrefined organic oil (such as almond oil or olive oil) to get a body oil with all the benefits of lavender to enhance your skin, relax your mind, avoid insects Or help you sleep.

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