Learn How to Grow a Ginger Plant in Your House Easily. You’re going to love it!

Learn How to Grow a Ginger Plant in Your House Easily. You’re going to love it!

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Ginger has as many benefits for health as contributions to gastronomy, which is also known as “the root miracle.”

And is that in addition to flavor our meals also provide health benefits.

Ginger plant can be a good analgesic against pain, activates digestive juices if you eat a piece before each meal and helps the incorporation of nutrients.

What you should know before planting ginger

Ginger is a root that grows successfully in places of partial shade, so it will easily grow inside your home. Although you can plant it in a pot, you can use a large shallow pot, which will give you the ideal space to grow properly. The roots will grow horizontally, so bear this in mind when choosing the pot, container or pot in which you wish to sow.

When the ginger plant is already growing, you can take small pieces without this being an impediment to your development in the pot. Thus, you can take small doses of ginger to add to your dishes, make smoothies or drink tea.

How to  ginger plant?

When buying ginger, look very well in that it has no wrinkles, that it is not soft or moldy. The ginger you are going to use should be firm and you should have some green sprout. If the root has several buds, they can be cut and they can be put in different pots to obtain several plants.

It is very important to buy ginger in a place of trust and preferably where organic products are sold. Although in the local market there are different sections where they offer ginger, this is usually not so good for the crop, since it stores they usually sprinkle it with a growth inhibitor that prevents germination even if it is planted in the soil.

In any case, some people have succeeded in growing ginger with a supermarket root. If you can not get to another place, be sure to follow the recommendations and, before planting, leave it overnight in water to remove pesticides and other impurities.

To plant ginger you will need:
-1 piece of ginger rhizome
-1 pot or pot about 40 cm deep and as wide as possible.
-1 part fertilizer or earthworm humus.
-3 parts of the ecological land.

How to grow ginger, step by step
1.Step 1: Soak the ginger root in warm water overnight, so that it is ready for planting.

2.Step 2: Fill the pot or pot with a part of fertilizer or earthworm humus and three parts of the ecological earth. Keep in mind that the soil should be spongy and well aerated so you can drain the water well.

3.Step 3: Put the ginger root in the ground, with the bud pointing up, and fill with one or two additional inches of soil.

4.Step 4: Moisten the earth, but not excessively. Then, place the ginger pot in a warm place, but without excess heat.

5.Step 5: Maintain the moisture of the earth constantly.

6.Step 6: It is best to keep the ginger during its first stage of development in an area where it receives little light and at a temperature of about 20 ºC. It should never be at a temperature below 10 ºC.

Ginger is a slow-growing plant that requires moderate doses of heat and moisture. From the sowing, you must make sure that the earth remains slightly humid and that the plant is at an adequate temperature.

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