How Much Strawberries And Cherries A Day We Need To Eat

How Much Strawberries And Cherries A Day We Need To Eat

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We eat whenever we want to refresh and sweeten it, but we are aware that cherries and strawberries should eat only at certain times of day and in limited quantities – just as long as we collect palm.


How Much Strawberries And Cherries A Day We Need To Eat
On the content of vitamin C strawberries can rival him because of lemon 100g juicy strawberries has only 60 mg of this vitamin. Positively affect the immune system because they contain bioactive substances polyphenols, strong antioxidants.

Especially recommended for children and adults who suffer from anemia. They are rich in folic acid, vitamin E, provitamin A, vitamin B group, and minerals such as manganese, iron, calcium and magnesium.
But despite all the advantages, we should be careful. Can not eat them all, when they want or at any time of day. Although delicious and true salvation in the hot days, and strawberries have their own claims.

After all are not given to children under one year and their introduction into a child’s diet should be gradual to avoid allergies occur most commonly manifested rash, runny nose, difficulty breathing and digestive system.

And that is not all. Not recommended for people who have a problem with overweight or high cholesterol and triglycerides in the blood. If you do not have these health problems, you may eat these red berries, but in moderation.
Strawberries are very susceptible to spoilage, so buy them in small quantities and store them at room temperature longer than two days.

When washing it should care not to damage the fruit. Because this fruit belongs to the group that is most chemically treated, you should give preference to organically grown strawberries.
It is enough to eat only two or three times a week, and between 17 and 19 hours, without adding sugar. And just as much as you can fit the palm – explains nutritionist Mirjana Lutikj.
-We forget That fruit is sweet because it contains only fruit sugar fructose but also various other sugars, and sometimes more than cake – she explains.

Sweet fruits of this fruit is rich in fiber, which is necessary for proper digestion, and the presence of cellulose in them regulate digestion.

Flavonoids antocijanidi and proantocijanidi they block the inflammatory processes, mitigate pain and symptoms of allergy and asthma.
Rich source of boron, which combined with calcium and magnesium, beneficial effect on bone health. Ripe fruit with darker possess greater concentration of anthocyanins and have more antianemisko action.

Cherries will help you relax and fall asleep more easily because they contain melatonin. But you should know something about this fruit!
-Semkite Celebration containing amygdalin-cyanide, which has toxic effects and should not allow children to swallow – warns Mirjana Lutikj. -Neposredno Before use cherries good wash under running cold water.

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