National Cancer Institute Quietly Confirms That THIS Plant Treats Cancer

National Cancer Institute Quietly Confirms That THIS Plant Treats Cancer

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Nobody wants you to use cannabis for health reasons which is crazy. The National Cancer Association has confirmed, albeit very quietly, that Cannabis can treat a range of disease, illness, pain and — CANCER.


Studies in rats and mice show that cannabinoids can inhibit tumour growth. The cannabinoids cause the bad cells to die, they block new bad cell growth and block the spaces that tumours need to grow. They can kill cancer cells while they protect healthy cells.

Why isn’t this being made into a big deal?

This should be headline news. People spend so much time and money on therapies that do not work, that cause more damage than good, that are expensive and awful and do not have guarantees. And yet for some bizarre reason the DEA classifies marijuana as a Schedule One substance, just above cocaine.

Cannabis is also inexpensive. It may be that the medical profession do not want you to know that it works? They prefer to see cannabis as a drug that induces laziness and fits a certain stereotype.

By admitting that cannabis has powerful medicinal properties would be an admission of the legal and medical profession being wrong.

If you think about it, cancer is a billion dollar industry. Over USD 100 billion a year. Imagine if a simple herb took all that money away. Imagine if an herb you can grow in your own backyard could cure cancer.

Imagine how the pharmaceuticals feel about that? They have a lot to use.


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