Natural Aphrodisiac Power Of Vegetables

Natural Aphrodisiac Power Of Vegetables

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Since time immemorial mankind has resorted to means that are supposed to evoke romantic desire and fertility, and the whole spectrum of the instigators of desire found right in nature, the wealth of vegetables that people could freely pick in his garden. You guessed it, in the seductive game dishes and eroticism most famous are phallic shapes and vegetables that alludes to the feminine curves

Natural Aphrodisiac Power Of Vegetables

In the 16th century, this is a plant intended for consumption exclusively to men; women was prohibited because it was considered a powerful aphrodisiac. Odysseus, his crew, and his distant descendants of Greek (especially those from the south of Italy and Sicily) in the bud the artichoke see symbol of love and tenderness carnal passions and ate them with undisguised passion. French custom to the previously prepared artichokes breaks off sheet at a time, then dipped in sauce and share with your partner, it is also extremely erotic.

From time immemorial the Chinese remedy for impotence. Celery contains androsterone, a male sex hormone that stimulates the sex drive in women. In our nation has also long been known just as powerful herbal Viagra. Hence izrečice: “If women know that celery makes the man, went to look for him all over the world” and “If the man knew celery action, planted to him the whole garden!”

In the region of Southeast Europe, the price of garlic as a symbol of health and fertility, while in alternative medicine agent for rejuvenation, protection from toxic substances in the body and a powerful aphrodisiac. In these purposes used since ancient times, with the only requirement (as well as the bow) to eat both lovers! And another thing, today it is known that the chemical substance that causes the smell of garlic present in intimate female secretions.

For the Teutons and Romans was a stimulant, but its flower is a symbol of sexual pleasure. Bean soup was known as a very erotic, but in the 17th century was banned in the monastery of St. Jerome to avoid unwanted excitation, but this glory lost since the nuns took off their robes, as pointed out by the Chilean writer Isabel Allende.

Some point out that it is the only erotic phallic shape, while in other areas considered extremely inspiring. They are in favor of talks exploring Chicago scientists who have started from the premise that the smell of food contributes to its aphrodisiac properties. Both have found that vaginal blood flow by about 13 percent raises smell of licorice and – cucumber!

Due to the spicy flavors like horseradish, a bonfire or garden gimp as vegetables cultivated by the ancient Egyptians, and Romans this green harmless looking called “shameless” because of his alleged stimulating properties. Today bonfire grown in many vegetable gardens, and can be sown every two weeks and read throughout the year.

That the libido is very beneficial effect onion knew even the Chaldeans, Egyptians, Romans, Greeks and Arabs, before the Europeans for him and heard. Sheikh Nefzawi the “fragrant garden” (16th c.) Argues that the limb Abou El Heiloukha remained tough 30 days without stopping, because he ate onions! Its aphrodisiac power can be attributed to the fact that increases circulation.

In the list of aphrodisiacs was in ancient times, while in Europe began to grow only in the 17th century. This root, which is vulgarly called a “widow’s consolation”, contains vitamin A, but because of the shape it is attributed to the power of incitement to fornication.

Widely considered an aphrodisiac, especially those red and spicy flavor (hot pepper, chili), which is rich in the alkaloid capsaicin. Is an indispensable ingredient of all those exotic dishes that mouth up, and we encourage imagination and an urge for love. Because of this feeling of heat generated in the language, this vegetable stimulates the brain to synthesize endorphins, known as the “hormone of happiness”.

As well as several kinds of vegetables which are reminiscent of the shape of the penis as a symbol of fertility and generative force in nature, eggplant has a long history of worship for its aphrodisiac effects. Ottoman sultans are served daily, and even today a good wife in Turkey praises knowledge of at least fifty recipes with the vegetables.

The fungus is in the Slavs since ancient times symbolized the marital bond, eroticism, happiness and vitality. For sex is the symbol of mushrooms viewed as something forbidden, secret, dangerous and unknown, and yet inevitable and spicy. Otherwise, the mushroom is highly valued mushroom, rich in antioxidants and vitamin D.

Tomatoes in the nation called “apple of love”. Reputation aphrodisiac priskribila her name: “pomme d’amour ‘in French,’ pomodoro ‘in Italian and the’ love apple ‘in English. Her red meat, juicy and sensual, caused a scandal. There are so many believed in her stimulating power to one tomato paid a fortune. Virtuous women is refused.

The symbol of fertility. Less is known to completely innocent gesture of throwing rice at mladnece after leaving the church actually symbolizes ejaculation and semen and consequently the desire for hot games in bed, as well as numerous offspring. Although rice and many just do not seem very exciting sexually, perhaps the best proof of its efficiency – overpopulation of China.

It is believed to stimulate desire in men and women because of the phallic, but also because of the high content of vitamin E, which is popularly called the fertility vitamin. Vitamin E is important in the synthesis of sex hormones, which makes it an important factor of a healthy sex life. Arabs asparagus considered an aphrodisiac, as well as Madame Pompadour, while the French King Louis XIV. grown in greenhouses so that they could eat all year.

They call them “the testicles of the country”; have an intense flavor and aroma and are used in very small quantities. Aphrodisiac reputation allegedly owed pheromones that attract animals. The great French gastronome Anthelme Brillat-Savarin in the early 19th century in his work “The Physiology of Taste” wrote: Who says ‘truffle’, pronounced the great word which awakens erotic memories, and gourmet, and with sex that wears skirts with sex who wears a beard .

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