Natural Sleep Remedy: Get To Sleep Fast And Never Wake Up Tired Again!

Natural Sleep Remedy: Get To Sleep Fast And Never Wake Up Tired Again!

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Most men and women have one common complaint, that they are all exhausted! This appears to be true across varying age groups. Thees days, partly due to hectic lifestyles people are only averaging 6-7 hours sleep rather than the recommended 8 hours. You may think that a few hours less wouldn’t hurt, unfortunately this isn’t the case as even a few hours less has a negative impact on your body.


The reason medical professionals support the 7-8 hour sleep guideline is because this amount of sleep is proven to help the body to recharge correctly. Despite common belief, sleep deprivation cannot be corrected with caffeine or any other stimulant. It does give a temporary energy boost, but increased energy levels soon wear off.
Electronic devices also contribute to disrupted sleep, especially when used around the normal sleep time. Stressful life styles can also keep us up at night. Here’s a great natural way to help combat these issues, The answer is salt! Well to be more specific, Himalayan Sea Salt, not the regular table salt.

Himalayan Sea Salt assists the adrenal glands which in turn causes the body to become more alkaline. This causes your body to have the ability to fight off many diseases with ease. It also reduces you blood pressure and can even help you lose weight and can even be highly effective against various skin conditions. it also acts a natural antidepressant as it regulates Serotonin levels in the brain. The way it helps with sleep is due to it’s Melatonin regulating properties.

Mix 5 teaspoons of organic honey (such as Manuka) with 1 teaspoon of Himalayan sea salt. Place the mixture in a sealable container.
How to use:
Place a small quantity of the honey-salt mix under your tongue, allow to dissolve and you should start seeing improved sleep quality, also you’ll find it easier to sleep for longer periods. Below is a video that explains what Himalayan Sea Salt is and what it’s heath benefits are.

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