Do Not Throw Banana Peel!

Do Not Throw Banana Peel!

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For all we know the benefits of bananas, but also should not forget the powerful properties of their bark.

Do Not Throw Banana Peel!

After eating a banana, we all jump bark, but in some countries such as India, and eat it because of all the vitamins and minerals it contains.

For the outer layer of the bark of bananas imported to us we can not guarantee that 100% pure, because we know that they are harvested green and ripen during their transport.

But the inner layer of bark may still be used for more things. Some applications have already been written and you may be familiar, but for some – now you will learn:

1.Kora banana for whitening teeth
Daily during the two weeks rub your teeth with the inside of the bark. In a short time you will see results.

2.Removing skin warts
The bark of banana could solve the problem of skin warts. Place a piece of skin on the nipple and fix bandages. Spend the night with the coating. Repeat the procedure until the wart completely abandoned.

3. Without acne and wrinkle-free
The banana is the perfect skin care because it contains antioxidants distinctive in that they prevent the signs of aging. Bananas January hydrate and nourish the skin. Procedure: prebrishuvajte face peel banana on inflamed and problem areas. Leave on for 30 minutes and rinse.

4. Psoriasis-treatements
You can completely cure skin disease using a banana peel, but by and large you can calm the symptoms of psoriasis.

5.Banana as an analgesic
Coated them painful points on the body with a banana peel. It’s the perfect analgesic.

6. Banana and slimming
It is known that bananas contain potassium which is mostly present in the crust. This mineral is much you need if you want to lose weight.
It helps accelerate metabolism thus burning more calories and your muscles have enough energy to be active.
Banana peel also contains antioxidants, fiber, vitamins B and A. It contains more dietary fiber from the fruit. A fiber you maintain all the long term.

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