Place Ice On This Point Twice A Day And Something Amazing Can Happen To Your Body!

Place Ice On This Point Twice A Day And Something Amazing Can Happen To Your Body!

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Meridians are pathways in the body through which energy or chi/qi pass through. Ancient Chinese remedies are based on how this chi/qi can be channelled to help in healing.


It is the belief of Acupuncturists that when this cho/qi is halted that is when ailments arise, however they try to ease and increase the flow of the chi/qi in order to ensure that cells, tissues and organs function properly.

The body’s internal organs are linked to meridians and these meridians have pressure points. Acupuncturists believe that these points should be made free so that the chi/qi can flow without any obstruction as it will improve the health of the organ linked with the meridian.

If you place an ice-cube on pressure points along the meridian situated on the neck it is believed that you can boost your health by improving your mood and enhancing your overall health.

You can try this out at home as it is an easy and simply way of practising acupuncture.

Where Is The Pressure Point Located?

The part of the neck where this pressure point is located is between the tendons situated at the base of the skull and top-back of the neck which is about at the base of the hairline.
This point in acupuncture is referred to as Wild Mansion or Feng Fu, stimulating this point according to acupuncturists will help with your total wellbeing.

How To Administer The Ice

–You can sit or if you like lie on your stomach.
–Place one ice-cube on the Feng Fu point.
–Hold the ice-cube on this point for about 20 minutes, you can secure it in place with a scarf or bandage.
–You may feel uncomfortable initially because of the cold but you will adjust in no time at all.
–Eventually you will feel an inflow of heat to the base of your skull.
–Try this therapy in the morning as well as before bedtime to help stimulate the release of endorphins which when they get into your blood stream give you energy.

Benefits Of This Acupuncture Technique

-It will help to strengthen your body.
-It will give you a good physiological balance.
-It will enhance breathing.

The quality of your sleep will improve.

-It will curb frequent colds.

You will boost your digestive system with this therapy.

-It takes care of gastrointestinal problems.
-It can rectify thyroid malfunction.
-It is effective in treating asthma.

You can help manage menstrual pains with the therapy.

-It takes care of arthritis issues.
-It is great to taking care of tiredness, depression and stress.
-It will help to ease joint pains, toothaches and headaches.

Please note however that if you are using a pacemaker then you should avoid trying this technique.

Other medical conditions that hinder you from engaging in this therapy include;



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