Revolution In Medicine! Treatment Without Drugs-Homeaopathy!

Revolution In Medicine! Treatment Without Drugs-Homeaopathy!

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Homeopathy is an efficient , holistic system of healing. The word homeopathy comes from the Greek words “homoios” meaning similar and “pathos” suffering , like illness or anxiety.


Homeopathy is based on the law of similarity which means similia similibus curentur or similar to the similarly treated.

Basic principles of homeopathy:

Vital force

This is the first principle on which homeopathy differs from classic medicine.The vital force is the energy that animates the body to maintains his functions, acts as a regulator in order to maintain the harmony of body.

It can not be measured, but observation can assess what is the life force of a person. In traditional Chinese medicine this energy is called chi, prana in Ayurveda. In other words, it is the vitality of an organism.

The law of similarity

This is the basic principle on which homeopathy is based. This means that the substance that causes certain symptoms in a healthy person can be used to treat the same symptoms in a sick person.

For exampleAllium cepa – onion is used to treat conditions that have similar symptoms and sensations as if you cut onions (watery eyes, irritation of the nose).


Each person has a certain inclination and predisposition and reacts differently to different diseases. This depends on the quality of vital force and she mostly stays the same throughout life, but some factors can aggravate (smoking, alcohol , poor diet) and make the body more prone to diseases. Therefore, a balanced life balanced, proper diet and a good homeopathic medicine can reduce the propensity for many diseases.

Examination of drugs

Each drug used in the treatment went through the process of examination. Drug given to healthy subjects group ( the control group – each receive medication and other placebo ) until the appearance of the first symptoms. It makes precise and detailed observation of all symptoms of physical, emotional and mental level. The total collected symptoms represented the image of the drug.

Highlighting the drug

A homeopathic remedy acts on the vital force and the cause of the disease rather than the symptoms that are consequence of it. Because the vital force is dynamic and medicine that we use must be dynamic , which is achieved by pointing the drug. The emphasis of the drug is a special procedure consisting of dilution , dilution and heavily shaking the vial in which the drug is ( hitting the bottle hard surface ), so that in homeopathic medicine is not one molecule of the basic substance from which it is made.

Rule of prescription of the medication

Homeopathy is a holistic method and because symptoms perceives as an expression of the disturbed vital force and based on the totality of symptoms prescribed medication, which covers primary disorder of the vital force.


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