It Is Time To Return To The Top Form- Take On The Run!

It Is Time To Return To The Top Form- Take On The Run!

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If you have decided that this spring you are physically active or you are tired of practicing indoor fitness centers, start to run. This is certainly the simplest form of recreation. In addition, you can listen to stay in the open air. However, remember that any activity, including running, looking for certain preparations. If you were more physically active, you must first prepare the muscles for increased effort. It is useful to know, and some rules to abide by joggers.

It Is Time To Return To The Top Form- Take On The Run!

First and foremost, pay attention to the choice of sports equipment, it should be comfortable and that allows the body to breathe.
It is particularly important that you have quality shoes. The best are those that have enhanced and slightly elevated rear part, to the heel and ankles were better protected.
This is necessary because when running further burdened by foot, but the knees and back. Quality shoes actually absorb this burden and reduce friction with each step.

Running always dial the parks full of greenery, the city or away from urban smog. You need to learn the proper running technique. Greet is always on your toes feet, while the load switch on the heel. During the run do not look at your feet, but the view point about ten meters in front of me, and upper body let him be as upright and peaceful. The arms are slightly bent at the elbows and relaxed to move with the body.

People who regularly run after about three months can forget the diet. In fact, one of the benefits that you can have from running is the weight loss, as a percentage of enzymes that break down fat increased from 10 to 80 percent.
Also, running and reduces the need for sweets because it lowers insulin levels in the blood. Recent studies have shown that increased body during running lights hormone cholecystokinin, which signals satiety.

Let your first date to run is actually checking condition. If after only ten yards rushing to feel breathless, it means that you should first master the technique of proper breathing. The first three steps deep inhale air and exhale following three. Until you get into shape, it is best to combine several days running with fast walking, and gradually increase the stock that you will run across. If you train 3:00 to 5:00 times a week, you’ll probably already after a month will be able to run a 30 minute no problem.
To find a jogging pace that suits you, taking into account the frequency of heart rate. From 220 beats subtract age and you can get your maximum heart rate. For example, if you have 40 years maximum heart rate per minute should be around 180

During running Respect reactions of your body. If you overload the muscles, take a break or a day, do not go to training. If you are experiencing sleep disorders, mood swings and constant fatigue, take that as a sure sign that you are a burden to the body and consult a doctor.
Only when you run a pleasure, it has a positive effect on your mental and physical health. Only 30 minutes of regular and proper running, five times a week, has a great effect on the immune system. Number of white blood cells that are responsible for the defense of the organism after the training is increased by about 30 percent.

Body must provide vitamins which boost immunity and strength, then carbohydrates are a source of energy and fuel for the muscles. Are necessary and minerals and proteins, because they allow the normal functioning of the body and are important for tissue repair. So, potatoes, cereals, bananas, dried and nuts, yogurt should be every day, find themselves on the menu.
Also, people who run regularly have to take vitamin C and to drink plenty of water. Before training is recommended to drink about half a liter of mineral water, which will help regulate body temperature. The ideal sports drink is apple juice diluted with mineral

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