This Combination Drink Can Regulate Blood Sugar Levels And Cholesterol

This Combination Drink Can Regulate Blood Sugar Levels And Cholesterol

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If you are looking to change eating habits to improve your health, since your levels in your analysis lately are coming out very unbalanced: high sugar, cholesterol up and even, your weight is increasingly acquiring more fat and weight, do not stop following the next recipe that makes an excellent drink to regulate sugar and everything else.

Take this drink to regulate blood sugar levels, get rid of stomach fats and lower cholesterol, at breakfast, as a snack or dinner, and you will see the big changes that you will begin to see in your health and in your day to day. Not only will you balance your blood tests, but your weight and you will begin to acquire more energy and encouragement throughout the day.

You can take it in these ways or choose to do it only at breakfast, since it is one of the healthiest foods of the day and nutrients are absorbed more. We recommend taking it daily, so, all the power of this combination, yields faster.

Why is this recipe to regulate blood sugar and other important things in your body, is it really beneficial?

The combination of oatmeal and chia full of health benefits

The combination of oatmeal and chia seeds make a very nutritious fusion. Both one and the other, are very healthy and provide the metabolism and the immune system, an excellent boost to stay full of energy during the day.

Not only that, if you take it daily, it will help you in losing weight because it has functions to help in burning body fat. Review the benefits of its ingredients below:

Oatmeal. This alternative refined flour (which is usually consumed because there is not much knowledge that there are much better and healthier alternatives), is rich in beta-glucan, a soluble fiber, which is a compound that is able to regulate blood sugar , strengthen the heart and reduce bad cholesterol. In addition, it carries a significant content of fiber, minerals and proteins.

Chia seeds . In addition to this great ingredient of this recipe, there are chia seeds. These seeds provide omega 3 in large doses, in addition to containing an interesting amount of calcium that competes with other foods rich in calcium, such as dairy.

Likewise, chia seeds, because they contain many anti-inflammatory and antioxidant benefits, can be a great support in the functioning of the heart, arthritis and cholesterol regulation.

Drink to regulate sugar, cholesterol and overweight


-4 tablespoons of chia seeds
-1 teaspoon of cinnamon powder
-1 cup of organic / gluten-free oatmeal (optional, the latter is to reduce the possibility of inflammation if you are gluten intolerant).
-2 teaspoons vanilla powder
-2 tablespoons of honey
-2 cups of water
-1 pinch of sea salt


Mix the water, cinnamon and vanilla and put these three ingredients in a pot to bring it to boil later.
Reduce heat and then add oats. Let boil again for 5 minutes and set aside.
Cover and leave for 5 minutes to settle the mixture.
Finally, add honey and salt.
Pour the mixture into bowls and add the chia seeds at the end and let them absorb liquid before taking it still warm.
You will be surprised by the changes during the week of taking it!

As additional tips: to carry a consistent routine with this drink that becomes a medicinal treatment, try to do the usual thing that any health specialist will always advise you: take care of your eating habits by eliminating from your diet what hurts you, as they are, processed foods, fried foods, soft drinks, high consumption of meats and sausages, sugar in all presentations, refined flours, etc.

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