Uses And Benefits Of Hydrogen Peroxide

Uses And Benefits Of Hydrogen Peroxide

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Many people do not know it but hydrogen peroxide also known as hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) has a lot of properties that allow it to give several uses in the home. It is important to know that you have to be moderate when using it because in large quantities it could be toxic.


You can use hydrogen peroxide in several ways, we’ll show you some of them below. It is also widely used in the beauty industry, especially for products related to hair care.


Many people suffer from fungus on their feet or nails and do not find a solution, with a dose of half hydrogen peroxide and half water can end up with mushrooms very quickly. Just soak your feet in a bowl with the preparation and leave them there for several minutes each day, then dry them well. It is recommended to do it in the evenings.

Oxygenated water has the ability to disinfect, bleach and is also antiseptic. Some of the uses you can give are:

Clean wounds

This is the best known use of hydrogen peroxide because it cleans and disinfects wounds, for small lesions it is recommended to wet a piece of cotton with hydrogen peroxide and place it in the affected area making slight pressure.

Laundry bleach

If you have white clothes that have become stained or turned yellow, the best way to whiten it is to soak it and add a cup of hydrogen peroxide. It is very good to remove blood stains, when applied it comes out instantly.

For the mouth and gums

There are many mouthwashes in the market, but you can make yours in a home-made and very economical way using hydrogen peroxide. This clean and disinfected substance is also anti-inflammatory in the case of inflammations in the gums or throat will give you excellent results. You must be careful not to ingest it because it can cause irritation inside the body. In these cases it is recommended to use pure, you can also mix it with water (50/50) and gargle.

Teeth whitening

If you use hydrogen peroxide as a mouthwash, you will notice how your teeth look whiter. This is because this substance has bleaching properties.

Colonic Irrigation

In these cases you should use an 8-ounce measure of 3% hydrogen peroxide within 5 gallons of hot water.


Oxygenated water is very good for making enemas, you should use only a 3% spoonful in a liter of hot distilled water.

Spots on the skin

Who has not had skin blemishes that are really annoying, hydrogen peroxide is very effective in these cases because their results can be noticed in a few weeks and leaves the skin as new. Just place a few drops on a cotton and apply it on the stain for a few minutes. Repeat this procedure daily and you will be amazed!

Clean armpits

Many people by the way of shaving or by the excessive use of deodorant have their dark armpits, the hydrogen peroxide besides bleaching them serves to clean them since it fights the bad smell that usually accumulates there.

Home clean

Oxygenated water is excellent for greater cleaning of the dishes and to make your detergent even longer. With dissolving 2 ounces to 3% in detergent you will see how your dishes look shiny, since it has the property to kill the bacteria. It is also recommended to use vinegar.

If you want to use it to clean bathrooms, floors, etc. you can mix 50/50 with water.

Lights in the hair

Hydrogen peroxide is widely used by hairdressers, but why not use it yourself at home? Is a very good natural enlightener and you will achieve beautiful reflections in your hair. To do this you must dilute it 50/50 to 3% with water and place it in a spray bottle. Sprinkle it on wet hair in small quantities and then peinalo. Little by little you will notice how your hair shows small reflections that are not exaggerated and that look great! Be careful not to exceed the recommended amount because your hair may be clearer than expected.

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