If You Want To Quickly Stop The Nose Bleed, Try These Tricks That Really Work!

If You Want To Quickly Stop The Nose Bleed, Try These Tricks That Really Work!

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The nose bleed can be really uncomfortable, especially if it happens on the workplace, in a car or a meeting.


If you want to quickly stop the nose bleed, try these tricks that really work:

1.Press the right spot
Sit down and bend your head to the front (so that you stop the blood go to your throat)
Gently blow your nose to remove the blood congestions, if there are any.
Press on the right part of the nose, right under the cartilage with the thumb and point finger and keep it for ten minutes

2.Make compression
Make a firm roll of a gauze or cotton
Put the roll in your mouth, between the teeth and the upper lip, right under the roof of the nose. Keep it for ten minutes.
If having something in your mouth bothers you, take a button or a metal coin, put it above the upper lip under the nose and keep it for ten minutes.

3.Cold compress
Take an ice cube or cold layer and put it on the side of the nose that bleeds.
Keep the compress for some time, as much as you can, make a pause and repeat the action.
The cold layer squeezes the blood vessels and in that way the bleeding stops.
The nose spray has a similar effect.


Drink a lot of liquids. The water hydrates the body and the mucous membrane
Don’t exaggerate with the use of air conditioning because they dry the mucous membrane in the nose.
Avoid paracetamol because it dilutes the blood and by that, the bleeding is enforced.
Take more vitamin C that strengthens the blood vessels and protects the membrane.
Moisturize the membrane by making inhalations in the morning and before going to sleep, sniffle salty solution and wash the nose. The mucous must be salty and wet.

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