If You Want To Reduce Anxiety And Balance Your Hormones, As Well As Burn Fat, This Ancient Tea Is Ideal! Checked!

If You Want To Reduce Anxiety And Balance Your Hormones, As Well As Burn Fat, This Ancient Tea Is Ideal! Checked!

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Sacred basil, natural tea that brings various benefits to your health

Holy basil to reduce anxiety:

Sacred basil, also known as Tulsi tea or holy basil, its history goes back more than 3000 thousand years when it was used for Ayurvedic medicine . In fact, tulsi is native to tropical Asia and currently grows in several tropical climates, it is used by medicine thanks to the healing power it contains , holy basil leaves are considered as adaptogen (antiestress agent) herbs that promote health of the whole body.

Adaptogens are unique healing plants that assist in the balance, restoration and protection of the body , have no specific function and also help to respond efficiently to any influence or stressor in order to normalize physiological functions. In turn, they recharge the adrenal glands to help them respond to stress, they can be found in: ashwaganda, astragalus, ginseng, licorice root , sacred basil, certain mushrooms and rhodiola.

Benefits of sacred basil tea

Acne : Essential oils immersed in holy basil have a high efficacy against the bacteria that generate acne, 3% of the oil is effective to destroy these bacteria. On the other hand, it was also observed that the main compound thereof is “eugenol” which is antimicrobial clove and extensively cures skin disorders.

Cancer : Thanks to the anti-inflammatory and immune properties that protect against fever, pain, stress and vital organs like the liver, those who drink tulsi tea are less likely to be immunologically compromised with the development of cancer cells. The phytochemicals immersed in tulsi are able to prevent skin, liver and lung cancer by increasing anti-oxidative activity, altering the expression of healthy genes, promoting the death of cancer cells and the growth of blood vessels that influence the cell growth to stop metastasis. In addition, tulsi extracts protect against radiation-induced diseases and mortality.

Diabetes : it is considered a natural remedy to control diabetes since 1990, since it controls and reverses it , not only reduces it in fasting but post-meal, similarly cholesterol levels are reduced.

Hormones and Thyroid: also has hypoglycemic effects to regulate levels of the hormone cortisol , responsible for stress and numerous cases of diabetes mellitus worldwide, the effects caused by this disease are so severe that trigger a number of symptoms such as learning problems

The use of holy basil is recommended in the form of a supplement or any other form of your preference, by drinking 1 cup of tulsi a day, will be enough to enjoy its benefits.

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