Weak Eyelashes? No More! Natural Remedies To Treat The Weak Eyelashes

Weak Eyelashes? No More! Natural Remedies To Treat The Weak Eyelashes

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The fact of having more or less amount of hair in the eyebrows or the eyelashes comes, like many other characteristics of the person, genetically determined, but there are other situations that can cause the eyelashes to be smaller, that is to say, less thick .

The medical term to refer to sparsely populated eyelashes is that of madarosis (ciliary for eyelashes).

The causes that can lead to this situation are multiple. Some, quite obvious; Others, clinically relevant that justify doing more studies and a series of tests.

In addition to generalized alopecia (or loss of eyelashes), it can happen by …

-A dermatitis that specifically affects this area ( psoriasis is the most significant).

-Effect of radiotherapy. More evident is the madarosis secondary to the application of radiotherapy in the area (for example, in the presence of a tumor in the eyelid that requires this type of treatment). The chemotherapy, in many cases, involves the appearance of widespread alopecia, also including hair loss of eyelashes.

-Syphilis and leprosy. Fortunately, they are rare in our environment and advances in antibiotic therapy have made rarer cases of madarosis due to these infections.

Hypothyroidism. Nowadays rarely a person gets to lose hairs of the eyelashes due to a hypofunction of the thyroid because the normal thing is that it is diagnosed and it is remedied sooner. But it is also true that the symptoms are so nonspecific and so typical of the female sex (tendency to gain weight, fatigue, low tone, and depressive states …) that sometimes it is difficult to give importance or go to the doctor to make the appropriate study.

-Seborrheic dermatitis. It is common among people who have immunodeficiency, ie very low organic defenses. Often the ultimate cause is an infection of a fungus, known as Malassezia.

Below are remedies for weak and brittle eyelashes that are homemade and natural.

Popular remedies for week eyelashes

Remedy for weak eyelashes # 1: Soak a cotton cane in castor oil and carefully apply over the eyelashes so it does not spread through the eyes. Perform this remedy every day. Castor oil helps not only with the breakage of the eyelashes but also for their growth.

The remedy for weak eyelashes # 2: Spray a little Vaseline on the eyelashes before bedtime. Oil jelly keeps the eyelashes moisturized, therefore, strengthens the eyelashes.

A remedy for weak eyelashes # 3: Soak a cotton cane with coconut oil and go through the eyelashes. This oil helps to moisturize the eyelashes and make them look fuller and bulky.

Remedy for weak eyelashes # 4: Massage eyelids and eyelashes with a few drops of olive oil, every night, before bedtime. The antioxidants in the olive oil will enter deeply into the pores, feeding the tabs from the roots.

Remedy for weak eyelashes # 5: Put the lemon peel under the direct sun to dry for 24 hours. Grind into a fine powder. Take a teaspoon of powder, and mix with a few drops of olive oil. With a clean mascara stick, apply to the eyelashes. After an hour, wipe with a clean, damp towel. Citric acid and vitamin C in lemon is known to strengthen the eyelashes of the roots.

Remedy for weak eyelashes # 6: Massage on the eyelashes a few drops of almond oil before going to bed. Let stand overnight. Do this remedy to strengthen the lashes daily. Vitamin E in almond oil stimulates the growth of eyelashes and eyebrows and strengthens them.

A remedy for weak eyelashes # 7: Extract the contents of a vitamin E capsule and massage on the eyelashes.

The remedy for weak eyelashes # 8: Dip a cotton ball into green tea. Squeeze the excess. Pass on the eyelashes. Leave it overnight. Wash in the morning. It is important to note that green tea has a high proportion of flavonoids, which cleanse the pores and stimulate growth.

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