Wearing A Bra While Sleeping? Read This!

Wearing A Bra While Sleeping? Read This!

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Women cannot agree on one thing and this debate seems to be infinite. The question is, should you wear a bra while sleeping or not?


The majority of women do not wear one when going to bed so that they avoid marks, as well as the ‘constricted’ feeling they get from wearing it. Many women are also afraid that if they sleep with a bra, their lymphatic glands are going to clog and they are going to develop breast cancer.

On the other hand, there are women (including Marilyn Monroe) who are religious nighttime bra wearers, as they reckon that this way they will prevent their breasts from becoming saggy. The science says that both of these theories are nothing more than myths.

According to experts in medicine, the function of the lymph nodes in the underarms is to act as natural filters that drain the breast of lymph fluid, as well as strange materials and infections, which makes it the body’s first defense against cancer. However, there is still no scientific evidence that wearing a bra hinders the pathways of the lymph nodes. This means that you should delete the breast cancer from the list of fears that prevent you to sleep with your bra on.

Breastfeeding and pregnancy are the factors that cause breast sagging, as well as age and genetics, which are the factors that determine the extent of sagging. In case that your breast size is more than C, you should opt for a soft, cup style, without many fasteners or hardware, which will provide some support from sagging. When it comes to all other sizes, you cannot prevent the sagging using a bra.

Let us make a conclusion from a medical point of view: sleeping in a bra or without a bra at night is just a matter of the personal comfort of the woman. Some women do not feel comfortable wearing a bra because of the rashes they get below their breasts from the moist skin-to-skin friction. Some women have tender breasts so they need a support bra. If you are one of the women who do wear a bra while they sleep, you should be careful and you should avoid the ill-fitting ones and choose soft cupped, natural fibers instead. Also, make sure your bra is wireless and made of cotton, which will help you keep all the moisture away from your skin.

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