You Will Be Amazed If You Burn A Bay Leaf In Your House

You Will Be Amazed If You Burn A Bay Leaf In Your House

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Burning a leaf in your home will do wonders into your house so you will try it right away.


You should never underestimate the beneficial effects of different aromas on our bodies. Bay laurel has many useful purposes and has amazingly soothing effect on all of us.

Thousand years ago, the ancient Greeks use this plant for many medicinal purposes.

Bay laurel is rich in strong soothing and anti-inflammatory properties, releases the airways and fights against epilepsy.

Bay leaf can really help you if you suffer from stress, high cholesterol, insomnia and high blood pressure.

You can add it to your meals to take advantage of all its beneficial effects, or you can simply light it in a bowl where you will instantly notice a wave of happiness and relaxation. Do not forget to put out the fire.

The most powerful and effective cockroach replant is bay leaves. These leaves are ideal for that job. If you have small lets or kids, they are totally safe to be around. Bay leaves will thrust out the insects (cockroaches) and even kill them because of their powerful smell.

Placing some bay leaves in every corner of your house is the only thing you should do. They can be also placed in the kitchen or the garden where – they are perfect for such areas because they are non-toxic.

Fresh and dry leaves can be also used for this purpose. In the elimination of these insects, dry ones are most effective because they actually emit stronger smell.


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